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Group and Folder Rules

To ensure that our group stays peaceful and comfortable for all members, we ask that you please follow our rules. Thank you!


:bulletred: ONLY dragon artwork is allowed.

:bulletred: This group will only affiliate with other dragon related groups.

:bulletred: Be respectful and poliet to each other.

:bulletred: Bad or strong lauguage is strictly prohibited.

:bulletred: Sexual, insulting, bullying, hassasment, or rude remarks of any sort is strictly prohibited. Only one warning will be given.

:bulletred: Sharing advise or heplful tips to one another is allowed. But please be respectful and think before you type.

:bulletred: High to extreme mature content is strictly prohibited. Anything exposing sexual themes or genitelia will be automatically denied. HOWEVER, low to mild mature content is allowed. If you are unsure of the level of content your submition may have, please leave a comment with your submition for an admin.

:bulletred: Content containing blood is allowed. However, any submition contianing a large amount of blood or death will be asked to place a Filter on it to warn the viewer.

:bulletred: Fetishes or disturbing content is not allowed in the group.

:bulletred: Please do not post artwork into the group that is not original to you. Unoriginal artwork will be denied.

:bulletred: DO NOT under any circumstances steal, edit, copy, re-post, distrubite, color, re-color, or trace any artwork in the group's gallery! For bases or use of a piece of artwork, please ask the owner of the base or artwork.


:bulletgreen: Please place your submitions into the right folder. Anything not placed into the right folder will be denied.

:bulletgreen: The "featured" folder is for art work for those who wish to have thier art featured on our group's main page. This folder is limited to 4 a day per deviant.

:bulletgreen: Anything portaining to Spyro, HTTYD, or other dragon fanart will be pleaced into the correct fanart folder. They are not allowed in any other folder, including "Featured". Not following this will result in a denied submition.

:bulletgreen: Fanfics (stories and comics) are not allowed in the "Comics" or "Written Stories" folder. They are to be placed in the "Fanfic stories and comics" folder only.

:bulletgreen: All traditional art must be placed in the "Traditional" folder. This includes traditional line art as well. Can may be placed into the "Featured" folder.

:bulletgreen: Pictures or hand made dragons go into the thier own folder. They may also be placed in "Featured".

:bulletgreen: Please place icons, stamps, and avatars into their correct folder. They are not allowed in any other folder.

:bulletgreen: Animations go into the "Animation" folder only. They do not play on the slideshow on the group's main page.

Thank you all for following and understanding these rules. This will ensure that our group will stay peaceful and organized to all our members and those visiting us at The-Dragon-Den.
Again thank you!

Gallery Folders

Tini Cri cup by ashenrisen
Swoosh by kmp0511
It's Whirlpool by AzaleaFire
Digital Art
Frostbite by Eternity9
Hidden in the darkness by Saywynn
Broodmother by HOAFan
Kaien The VampireDragon by DarkRainbowDragon

Mature Content

36th Divison War Dragons by Perdoodle
Nanotech Sketch Dump by Kelskora
Dragons Of Destruction by Perdoodle
Do not annoy me by CamaroLp
Traditional artwork and line art
Rixt Hagizussa by KeizerHarm
Wings quick sketches by BettaWyvern
Flying Doublewinged by umunschaas
No empty Threats by umunschaas
Avidrian vs. Kade: TWSTW [12/15] by Shirder

Mature Content

Avidrian vs. Kade: TWSTW [11/15] by Shirder
Avidrian vs. Kade: TWSTW [10/15] by Shirder
Avidrian vs. Kade: TWSTW [07/15] by Shirder
Fight to free the World by KarneTia
The Daily Sketch #117: Moonshine the Water Dragon by DragonDrawer102
The Daily Sketch #116: Oro the Golden Dragon by DragonDrawer102
The Daily Sketch #114: Savannah the Rainbow Dragon by DragonDrawer102
Reference sheets
Demens sketch sheet by ArinaAmeisu
Ragnorock - REF 2017 by Gwenevier
Cirind Ref! (2017) by cezary150199
Ares- Reference 2017 by Gwenevier
Digital line Art
Back to earth by FlyingGuardianFish
Rubik (AT) by Eweeka
JohnnyTheDragon by FrarahkTheRahkshi
(Gift) Dragon Head Sketches by VDragon-Creations
Beep Beep Im a WiP by LastKrystalDragon
:COMMISSION: Falconcommand Animated Icon. by VaylerSilv
weird walking Lightfire by River-Lugia
:COMMISSION: Neffertity icon by VaylerSilv
Hand made sculptures and pictures
Custom PenDragon Sitting Plush Charcoal rainbow by angelberries
3D work
Aeris Render by Yorialu
Stamps, Avatars, and icons
:ICON: Vayler - Winter by VaylerSilv
[CLOSED] They called me a giraffe shark by LastKrystalDragon
DragonMaleTeenageBase #3 by CelestialCore919
Practice Work: Acid Breath by StephDragonness
Screenshot Meme by AntiqueEngineer
Spyro Fan Art
070317 by BALSYA
Toothless by Rylucius
Fanfic comics and stories
TOJ ch6 p3 by ZomaTheDragon
Other Fan Art
Maleficent by Fantasybond



~ Welcome!~

Here you will meet a friendly community of dragon lovers of all ages! We welcome all professionals and beginners, tradinonal and digital artists, and so much more!

If you are just visiting us, we invite you to join our group and get to know our wonderful and talented artist! We all are here to help, teach, and learn from one another as well as expand our group and get many of our talented artists work into the dA community! Our Den is large enough to fit any kind of dragon art you may have to offer and new members are always welcome!

Joining is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

:bulletyellow: If you would like to join, just hit the "join our group" button and you will be accepted into our den!

:bulletorange: Please take the time to read our group's rules. They are located on the home page.

:bulletyellow: Below are all our wonderful admins. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to ask any of us!

On behalf of The-Dragons-Den, we thank you for visiting/ joining! We hope you enjoy your visit or stay!









Please help use expand our group along with these amazing groups!!


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